WOLF & RITA from the north of Portugal is a children’s brand that looks for its inspiration to classic cuts, but adds their own twist to them by using unusual prints and fabrics.

WOLF & RITA is designed by produced by a small team of two sisters and one of the sister's husbands. A joint family effort to create magical pieces that are often art-inspired and always inspiring.

Like the other brands we work with, WOLF & RITA take pride in being a green company and strive to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products. They work with local factories in Portugal and support their local community.

We love their consistently creative inspiring collections and hope you do too!


No More Boring Art

WOLF & RITA like to think out of the box and find their inspiration from sources outside of normal kids' wear which makes each collection unlike any other and far from boring. 

This season, modern artists such as John Baldessari, Eduardo Matos, and Shõji Ueda have inspired the unique prints that they have designed such as the No Electricity. Shimmering Blues and Peanuts prints. Colorful and daring, the collection is once again an inspiration in itself.

WOLF & RITA believe that iIn our fast-changing and troubled times, innocence, hope and dreams are treasures to revere and protect. There is magic in growing up while trying to hold on to the innocence of childhood.

Let’s celebrate being young and adventurous. 

Art is a mirror of everything that happens in the world, but it can also change our outlook on the worldTo celebrate art is to celebrate life itself - WOLF & RITA