RUBY TUESDAY KIDS is the little sister of our favorite Dutch women's label, RUBY TUESDAY with their cool effortless style and essential wardrobe basics.

RUBY TUESDAY KIDS has a minimalist cool style with delicate details that add just that little extra like a velvet ribbon bow around the collar or a dash of subtle glitter woven into a logo sweatshirt.

RUBY TUESDAY KIDS uses only the finest of fabrics just like the women's brand, showing how deeply important it is that quality matches with the value of each garment. Hiigh quality fabrics such as linen, knitwear and fine jersey fabrics are some of the materials used for comfort and casual wear so that your little fashionistas feel free to play and jump around.

Wardrobe essentials with that little extra "je ne sais quoi" that go from day to night, day in and day out.