Spreading its love since 2011, RUBY TUESDAY is a concept label based in the Netherlands. While it still has a young presence on the fashion scene, RUBY TUESDAY brings an authentic, yet accessible look, which can be best transcribed as effortlessly chic and transparently timeless.

RUBY TUESDAY appeals to every fashion conscious woman, one who knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it. She loves and lives without boundaries and greets the world each morning with open arms. Her confidence is a sign of her intellect and worldly knowledge. She is undeniably a citizen of the world, embracing all she sees and responding with a positive outlook.

RUBY TUESDAY uses only the finest of fabrics, this is the way of showing how deeply quality should match with the value of each garment. The lines of import range from Portugal to India, where high quality fabrics are found at exceptional value. Linen, knitwear and fine jersey fabrics are some of the materials used for comfort and casual wear, which inevitably define the modernity and soul of the label. 

Wardrobe essentials with that little extra "je ne sais quoi" that go from day to night, day in and day out.