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WOLF & RITA Spring/Summer 2019 collection Playing Nostalgia is meant to remind us what it was like to be a kid and to remember how simple life was when it was filled with playing, running around, laughing. When we were kids, we dreamt, hoped and we allowed to be kids. Why should we forget what that was like and not be able to feel that same freedom as adults? When and why do we forget what it’s like being a kid?

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Bobo Choses The Happysads

Bobo Choses proudly presents their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection brought to you by the coolest kids' band ever, The Happysads! The collection is inspired by kids and their way of expressing conflicting emotions. Sometimes they can't express their feelings, let alone, put them into words. The collection is full of playful contradictions: YES/NO, Clearly Confused and the most telling: The Happysads!

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