Bobo Choses The Happysads

11 JULY.jpg

Bobo Choses proudly presents their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection brought to you by the coolest kids' band ever, The Happysads!

They sing about how confusing it can be to be a kid. One minute they're happy, sad the next, or jumping and laughing wildy and then all of a sudden caught up in the throws of a temper tantrum. 

Bobo Choses AW ‘18-19 collection is inspired by kids and their way of expressing conflicting emotions. Sometimes they can't express their feelings, let alone, put them into words. The collection is full of playful contradictions: YES/NO, Clearly Confused and the most telling: The Happysads!

We're very happy to bring you this latest collection full of fun, beautiful colors and Bobo Choses' unique graphics. Every collection is made with love and humor and it shows. We love it!