Salt Water Originals Navy Blue Sandals

Salt Water Originals Navy Blue Sandals

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The navy blue Salt-Water is one of the most popular colors and is the perfect summer sandal for all.

The original Salt-Water Sandal is defined by its little way stitched rubber sole and plaited leather upper and rust proof buckles. They can be worn in the water and put through a cool machine wash. Practical and stylish!

Salt-Water sandals have American sizing which we show in the original sizing and have converted to European sizes for your convenience. Kids' sizes run up to size 3 (Adult). For larger sizes, please check the Salt-Water sandals for Women.

The original Salt-Water sandal is very roomy and fits comfortably wide. Before you put them on for the first time, you can gently stretch out the toe straps and bend the sole to ease. The rubber sole becomes more supple from the foot's warmth. We recommend fitting with toes behind the stitch line. We don't recommend oversizing for children with the hope they will last longer. 


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